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Display Team Patches

Blue Eagles, British Army

Actual size : 80mm x 60mm.
Notes : This design was used in the mid-1990's. On the team members' actual blue show/display flight suits, the design was embroided directly into the upper right chest of the suits - however, some were also made as patches, on a dark blue background. This is one of those patches.
Actual size : 100mm diameter.
Notes : A completely redesigned logo now, this patch, made by Terrane Promotions in Lincoln, England, was used during the 2001 season. The same style of "Eagle" and font has been used ever since, usually embroidered directly into the "show" flight suits.

Actual size : 93mm x 119mm.
Notes : The team's official crest : This patch, made for the team by Terrane Ltd. in Lincoln, England, is worn on the upper left sleeve/shoulder of the flight suits, circa 2006 onwards.

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