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Red Arrows, Royal Air Force

Actual size : 90mm "diameter".
Notes : This is an early/original patch, used when the team were equipped with Gnats and also their first year with the BAe Hawk (1980). It was produced as a patch, like this on black felt, and worn on the upper right sleeve of the team's flight suits. This particular one once belonged to one of the Red Arrows Gnat groundcrew and actually has a slight red stain on it, from the dye used to colour the smoke.
Actual size : 80mm x 108mm.
Notes : This is the team's official RAF Squadron crest, introduced around mid-1980. On the team members' actual 1981-onwards display flight suits, the design is embroidered directly into the upper right sleeve of the suit, as opposed to being a separate patch. However, a limited number of patches were also made on black felt, from the same embroidery design that was used on the suits. This is one of those original 1981 patches.
Actual size : 88mm x 110mm.
Notes : Although the actual team crest is embroidered directly into the sleeve fabric of the team members' red and blue "show suits", they also wear these patches on their normal, everyday green suits, used during training and non-public appearances, etc. The patches are manufactured by Terrane Ltd., in Lincoln, England.

Actual size : 100mm "diameter".
Notes : This special logo was designed to commemorate the Red Arrows 40th display season in 2004. As with their "Eclat" crest, it was actually embroidered directly into the team members' flight suits, but on the upper left sleeve (the normal "Eclat" Squadron crest was still embroidered into the upper right sleeve). This patch is a commercial reproduction of that "40th Season" logo, manufactured by Terrane Ltd. for the Red Arrows, and made available to the public during 2004.

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