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Blue Angels, U.S. Navy

Actual size : 110mm x 129mm.
Notes : This is a Tiger era patch (1957 - 1968). Certainly, another, different type of patch was also worn during the Tiger-era, so if anyone can confirm when/where/how this particular patch was used, please contact us.

Actual size : 105mm x 130mm.
Notes : This patch worn during the Phantom era (1969 - 1973). Note that the blue thread used is noticeably lighter than the patches of other eras.

Actual size : 100mm x 120mm.
Notes : This is the final patch worn in the Skyhawk era (1974 - 1985). The patch was a slightly different design during the earlier Skyhawk years and changed to this around the late '70's.
Actual size : 100mm x 117mm.
Notes : This is a current, Hornet era patch (1988 onwards - the patch design was a little different in the first year on the Hornet, 1987.)
Actual size : 96mm x 116mm.
Notes : This is the special 50th Anniversary patch, worn by all the members of the 1996 Team.


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