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Thunderbirds, U.S. Air Force

Actual size : 130mm x 155mm.
Notes : There are many, many Thunderbirds patches available out there - but be assured that this one is a genuine, ex-team example. This, larger type, was worn on the team members' flight suits and jackets. This particular one probably dates from the '70's. Even though the actual Thunderbirds crest/logo that appeared on the aircraft and in brochures/publicity, etc. was always changed to reflect the type of aircraft being flown, with the exception of "manufacturing differences", the patch itself wasn't changed from the F-100-era until 1982 ! It was only then that F-16 silhouettes appeared in the patch - previously, the patches just featured "generic" swept-winged jet silhouettes, as shown above.
Actual size : 98mm x 116mm.
Notes : Much more modern, but again, this is a genuine, ex-team Thunderbirds patch. This smaller type is a current/F-16-era version, typically worn on the crew members' short-sleeved "show shirts" and as a right shoulder/sleeve patch on the pilots' "everyday" green flight suits, etc.

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