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Snowbirds, Canadian Armed Forces/RCAF

Actual size : 76mm x 100mm.
Notes : The Snowbirds logo was first designed during 1972 : This particular example of the patch (with a cut edge) dates from 1973 and so is quite possibly from the very first batch made for the team. It was then and always has been to this day, worn on the upper right arm/shoulder of the teams' flightsuits and jackets (and occasionally worn on the left chest of the crew jackets).
Actual size : 75mm x 98mm.
Notes : This later example (with a merrowed edge) dates from 1989 and was obtained from the then Team Leader, Dan Dempsey.

Actual size : 72mm x 93mm.
Notes : Almost identical to the previous 1989 patch, this example originally belonged to one of the Snowbirds Crew, number 3A, Cpl. Tony Edmundson and was worn during the 1991 season.
Actual size : 76mm x 100mm.
Notes : This is the special 30th Anniversary patch, worn by all members of the 2000 Snowbirds Team.

Actual size : 73mm x 98mm.
Notes : This version was worn throughout most of the 2000's, up until around 2010/2011.

Actual size : 73mm x 98m.
Notes : This is the current patch, now with a slightly different design. It seems to have been introduced around 2010/2011, although at the time and for the next year or so, both this and the previous version can be seen worn on the Snowbirds flight suits and jackets - presumably a "period of transition", due to "old stock" and existing team members still having clothing from their previous years.
Actual size : 73mm x 98m.
Notes : This is a "subdued", or "low-viz" version of the current patch. It is worn on the pilots' "everyday" green flight suits, during training, etc. The "normal" red & white patches are only worn on the public/"Show Suits" and jackets. Green velcro-backed.

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