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Some years ago, IPMS(UK) sanctioned the formation of 'Special Interest Groups' (S.I.G.'s) within the membership. These SIG's are formed and run by IPMS members and, although they have the official backing of the Society and are allowed use of the IPMS name, SIG Leaders are not part of the IPMS(UK) Executive Committee.

The idea was for members who have common interests in particular areas to be able to contact and meet other like-minded members, and so encourages the exchange of information, and builds expertise. To this end, SIG's exist for not only many areas of aviation, but also cars, ships, armour, figures, science fiction, and so on. Many modellers will realise that they are interested in one or two particular subjects above most others, so this is what SIG's set out to cater for. However, many modellers will also realise that their interest in such a subject goes above and beyond the modelling aspect - it will quite probably include historical research, photography, etc., all of which is most welcome in a SIG.


Formed in 1993, this S.I.G. is thriving group of people, primarily modellers, from all over the world, who share a common interest in aerial demonstration teams.

As a group, we are interested in all aspects of the worlds aerobatic display teams, past and present, military and civilian. Obviously, modelling of team aircraft plays a large part, but so does research and photography, collecting team memorabilia and data, supporting teams and watching them perform at airshows, etc. All tastes are welcomed here, from pre-war biplane teams, civilian teams, "heavy metal" jet teams and well, everything in between !

In conjunction with our "public" website, we operate a "Members Only Web Forum" : This is the main method of communication between all our SIG Members, where we all share news, information, photos, etc. from all around the World. Topics include SIG News, build reports, help requests, articles and reviews on modelling, airshows, books, videos, news and general chat, etc., relating to display teams. Then there is our "Members Only Photo Gallery", where all our members can post photos of their models, airshows and "the real thing", or indeed, any photos/images/videos which would be of interest (or amusement !) to all our members. These are good resources for SIG Members, but like any Forum, etc., these are driven BY the members and what they post, so everyone is encouraged to join in and contribute, which also builds the "community" within our membership. We also have our own "Members Only Decal Bank", a huge repository of aerobatic team decal sheets that are freely available to our members for their ADTSIG build projects.

Each year, we put on displays of our models at a number of UK and European model shows/events : Whenever possible, at least once a year we try to display at an Overseas Show and since 1996, we have displayed in several countries around Europe. These are always great fun, where it's wonderful to meet new people, old friends and indulge in some of the culture of different countries. Our annual display schedule always includes Scale ModelWorld, the greatest model event of its kind in the World, held in Telford, England, every November. We are proud to have won numerous awards for our displays too, in several countries - including "Best SIG Display" at Scale ModelWorld for a record number of times ! All of these displays are great social occasions when we can actually get together in person, and meet as many of our members as possible - including those from overseas. We feel that this is a very important aspect of our group, and we are proud to have so many friends and SIG members in almost twenty different countries worldwide.

Evolution of the Red ArrowsIn 2014, we were the first SIG ever to have a book published by IPMS(UK) - "Evolution of the Red Arrows" - which was issued free of charge to all current members of IPMS(UK) and then subsequently sold around the World. Written with the assistance of numerous ex-Red Arrows personnel, the book provided lots of information for modellers and fans alike. To our knowledge, no other Worldwide National IPMS body has ever published such a book before, so we are proud to be the first SIG to have done this, to support IPMS(UK) !

Official ADTSIG Nederland Branch LogoAside from the UK, we have more members in Holland than any other country. So much so, that they have been able to get together and put on model displays AS the Aerobatic Display Teams SIG, on their own ! They have been representing the ADTSIG at their own National show "EuroScaleModelling" since 2013 and in 2018, they took it further afield to display in Germany. In recognition of their work, they were officlally awarded the charter as the "Aerobatic Display Teams S.I.G. - Nederland Branch" in October 2018.

Official ADTSIG Nederland Branch LogoThe Aerobatic Display Teams SIG celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2018 and we were very proud to receive a special accolade from IPMS(UK), awarded "For 25 years of promoting the Society Worldwide". This was in recognition of all the overseas shows we attend, representing IPMS(UK) around Europe, along with all the members and friends we have around the world. It was a great honour, for which we are very grateful to the Executive Committee of IPMS(UK).

Having been going for over 25 years, we are one of the oldest, biggest and most pro-active SIGs in IPMS !

Honour Board
Flag Panel
All over England and Scotland since 1993
1996 : Caen
1999 : Orleans
2003 : Salon de Provence
2004 : Hyeres
2013 : Hyeres
1998 : Brussels
2000 : Brussels
2002 : Brussels
2004 : Brussels
2008 : Brussels
2012 : Affligem
2015 : Affligem
2023 : Waregem
United Kingdom France Belgium
2006 : Berlin
2007 : Berlin
2009 : Berlin
2018 : Lingen *
2019 : Lingen

* = Displays by our "Dutch Branch" alone
2011 : Utrecht
2013 : Utrecht *
2014 : Utrecht *
2015 : Utrecht *
2016 : Utrecht *
2017 : Utrecht *
2018 : Utrecht *

* = Displays by our "Dutch Branch" alone
2016 : Gothenburg
Germany Holland  Sweden 
Countries we have displayed in
Trophy Cabinet

This SIG is open to modellers all over the World; the only real 'rule' we have is that wherever practicable, applicants should be members of a national IPMS. Having said that, we also realise that there are countries which do not have an IPMS branch and that it is often infeasible for enthusiasts in such countries to be or become IPMS members. In these cases, our 'rule' is often relaxed.
We also welcome non-modellers, if they happen to be enthusiasts, ex- or current Display Team members, photographers, historians, authors, etc., or anyone who has strong ties/connections to any Teams. It all helps in the collection and distribution of information !
(Non-modellers are not expected to be IPMS members.)

         How To Join the ADTSIG

There is just a nominal annual subscription fee required to join this S.I.G., basically to cover some expenses and the "running costs".

To make it as straightforward as possible, the annual subscription fee is £5.00 for everyone - that's UK members, Europe, USA/Canada and the "Rest of the World" - the fee is the same no matter where you live !

To make subscriptions much easier - especially for for overseas members - we accept payments via PayPal - this is also much cheaper than Bank Drafts, International Money Orders, etc.

How to Pay :
UK-based members :
£5.00, payable by Cheque/Postal Order, or by PayPal, or (but in person only) cash.

NON-UK members :
£5.00 GB Pounds Sterling, payable by PayPal, or (but in person only) cash.


So, if you wish to join our 'formation', then please provide your details in the Application Form below, and click on the "Send It !" button to submit them to us. Shortly afterwards, you will be contacted by the SIG Leader, who will advise you of further details, including where to send your payments, etc.
** Please DO NOT attempt to send any payments "up front" until you have received a response to your application from the SIG Leader, as you will then be advised of the correct address to send your payments to.

If you have any questions about membership or this SIG in general, you can email the SIG Leader.

DO NOT send any payments, PayPal or otherwise, until you have been contacted by the SIG Leader after submitting your application.

Under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (the “GDPR”), Applicants and Members' personal details are held by the ADTSIG for the sole purpose of maintaining the ADTSIG's membership and annual subscription payment records. Member's names, addresses and email addresses (but not telephone numbers) are made available to all other members of the ADTSIG, in the interest of promoting contact between our members and enhancing the "Community" within the SIG membership. All personal details held by the ADTSIG shall be made available to the Executive Committee of IPMS(UK) upon request, but they will never be disclosed to any other Third Parties for any reason, other than a valid, Legal request. If any member's personal details change, it is their responsibility to ensure that the ADTSIG Leader is informed of those changes as soon as possible.
A full copy of the ADTSIG GDPR Privacy Policy may be downloaded here.

         Application Form

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