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Patrulla Aguila, Spanish Air Force

Actual size : 90mm x 105mm.
Notes : This is an early/original patch, first worn circa. 1988 and is actually made with flexible plastic, embossed onto blue felt. Notice also that the aircraft depicted in the patch illustrate the team's original colour scheme, standard training markings, before a special scheme was applied to their CASA-101 aircraft.
Actual size : 90mm x 105mm.
Notes : This is also an early version of the patch, possibly of slightly later manufacture than the previous one. Still made with flexible plastic embossed onto blue felt, there are slight differences in the colours and some of the small details - especially noticeable is the larger lettering. (Perhaps these are simply "manufacturing differences").
Actual size : 80mm x 108mm.
Notes : Later / current design, all-embroidered and depicting aircraft in the special team colour scheme. First worn around 1994 or '95.


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