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Blue Impulse, Japan Air Self Defence Force

Actual size : 114mm x 91mm.
Notes : This patch design was used during the latter period of the F-86-era. I believe this particular one is probably a reproduction.
Actual size : 114mm x 97mm.
Notes : This is a T-2-era patch (1982 - 1995).

Actual size : 100mm x 95mm.
Notes : Current style, T-4-era patch (1996 - present).

Actual size : 90mm x 85mm.
Notes : During the T-4 era, this patch is worn by the pilots only, on the upper left sleeve/shoulder. In 1997, the Blue Impulse went to Nellis AFB in the USA, to display at the "Golden Air Tattoo", celebrating the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Air Force. For the duration of this deployment, these "Dolphin Rider" patches were substituted for a Japanese national flag patch.

"Annual" Patches

Since 1996, the Blue Impulse have had a tradition of creating "annual" patches, a different design every year and sometimes with a "motto" on. They are worn on the upper right sleeve/shoulder of the flight suits. One exception to this was for their visit to the U.S.A in 1997, when a special commemorative "Golden Air Tattoo" patch was worn in place of the normal 1997 "annual" patch.

Below are a selection of "annual" patches - all of them are about 90mm in diameter :

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