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Black Eagles, Republic of Korea Air Force

Actual size : 97mm diameter.
Notes : This patch was worn from 1995 - 2001 (during the A-37 era), on the left chest.

Actual size : 100mm diameter.
Notes : Since 2002, The team members have the central portion of this design (the eagle's head, formation and smoke trails) embroidered directly into the left breast of their black "show" flight suits, along with the Black Eagles name in script. But this particular patch is still worn in the current, T-50 era, on the team members' "everyday" green flight suits.
Actual size : 90mm x 94mm.
Notes : In the current, T-50 era, the pilots and crew all wear "position" patches on the right shoulder/sleeve of their black "show suits". This particular patch, signified by the "M", is worn by all the Maintenance (ground) crew.

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