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Berkuty / Golden Eagles, Russian Air Force

Actual size : 80mm x 85mm.
Notes : An original patch, manufactured for the team by Stewart Aviation Ltd, in England, circa 1991/92. Stewart Aviation's Company name actually appeared prominently on the side of the team's helicopters for a while, as their sponsors.
Actual size : 77mm x 98mm.
Notes : Current patch, Russian made.

Actual size : 127mm x 70mm.
Notes : In 1993, the lead helicopter of the Berkuty team was painted in a special colour scheme and was referred to as "Vertikal-T". This was in fact, the name of a sponsor, a Russian Helicopter Haulage Company. This patch was also made by Stewart Aviation Ltd, in England - but it is unknown whether the Berkuty Lead pilot of the "Vertikal-T" helicopter actually wore it, or whether it was simply made for the sponsor Company.

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