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Black Knights, Republic of Singapore Air Force

Actual size : 102mm x 89mm.
Notes : Original design, used up to late-1990 and discarded when the RSAF changed their roundels from the "Yin-Yang" type to the present "Lions Head" roundel.
Actual size : 85mm x 95mm.
Notes : This design used from 1994.

Actual size : 85mm x 94mm.
Notes : This design is a pilot's patch, used by the 2000 team. Each one was individually numbered 1 - 6, to correspond with each pilot's position in the formation - this particular patch is the Leader's.
Actual size : 85mm x 94mm.
Notes : This is also a 2000 team patch, but worn by the groundcrew, as it does not feature a number, as the pilots patches do. Velcro backed.

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