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Skyblazers, U.S. Air Forces Europe

Actual size : 120mm diameter.
Notes : Although not strictly a Skyblazers team patch as such, this is the emblem of the 22nd FS, 36th Fighter Group, who were the Squadron to form the very first Skyblazers team in 1949, based at Bitburg in Germany. The Lead F-80B aircraft, flown by Capt. Vince Gordon, did not feature the Squadron badge, however, the other three aircraft in the team still had this logo painted on their fuselages (back in those days, they never had an actual Skyblazers logo/emblem). Although there are many, many, more modern/recent versions of this patch, this particular one is certainly a very old one - but, being honest, it is uncertain whether or not this one actually comes from the 1949-1950 Skyblazers time period.
Actual size : 125mm diameter.
Notes : This is an original/genuine Skyblazers patch, used by the F-100C-equipped team from the 36th TFW based at Bitburg, Germany, between 1957 and 1962. There were subtle variations in the team patch over the years and with a limited number of quality photos available, accurately dating this patch is difficult. Its origin is unknown, suffice to say that it has been worn, as evidenced by the sewing holes around the edge.

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