Special Events

Official SIG Displays for the
Red Arrows 40th Season, 2004

Gala Day Launch,
RAF Cranwell, 21st May 2004

The domes are 5mm perspex, 485mm in diameter and were specially "blown" by one of our SIG members in Germany :
The wooden bases were custom-made for us by Just Bases :
The concrete/airfield-effect base coverings were kindly donated by The Aviation Workshop.

The 15 completed dome cases, waiting to go onto the banquet tables at Cranwell.

Each dome contained three 1/72nd scale models, each standing on "concrete" or "grass" as appropriate.

Flt. Lt. Howard Leader, of the Red Arrows, admiring our work.

The first dome case 'in situ' on a banquet table.

"Top table"

"Top table" : This dome illustrates the evolution of the Red Arrows.

College Hall, Cranwell : Dome cases in place, looking towards "top table".

"Top table", which had two dome cases on it.

A reverse angle view of "top table". Other table decorations were many of the trophies awarded to the team over the past 40 years.

An overview of College Hall, looking away from "top table" - all the other tables each had one dome case on them.

The team taxi out for their 40th anniversary "launch" display.

The nine display pilots, immediately after their first official display of 2004.

The 40th anniversary team - Reds and Blues.

The 2004 team with members of the original, 1965 Red Arrows.

Ex-Team Leaders (L to R) :
Andy Offer (2000 - 01)
Simon Meade (1997 - 99)
R.B. "Dickie" Duckett (1975 - 76)

Ex-Team Leaders (L to R) :
Adrian Thurley (1991 - 93)
John Blackwell (1982 - 84)

Ex-Team Leaders (L to R) :
Brian Hoskins (1979 - 81)
John Blackwell (1982 - 84)

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